vfx resume

I’m a US Citizen pursuing a career in Visual Effects for Television and Film. Looking for opportunities to improve skills and expand professional network.

I graduated from Digital Animation and Visual Effects School at Universal Studios Orlando, FL and currently working at a DAVE school as a junior animator and compositing instructor.

I’m self-motivated, hard worker with enthusiastic personality, strong problem solving skills, have a good eye for color and attention to detail.

Prior to visual effects I’ve had pretty successful seventeen year career as a professional ballet dancer. Therefore as an artist, it is important for me to develop a broad set of art skills, I am in constant search trying expand my technical knowledge with various compositing and 3D packages and to gain more experience in the industry.

Here Are Testimonials From Some Of The People I Worked With


Andrey is an exceptional and multi-talented artist. His discipline and motivation to hold himself, along with everyone else around him, to the highest possible standard is both inspiring and what sets him apart from the rest. I would absolutely love to work with him again in the future, and I’m positive he’d make a very valuable addition to any team.
Anthony Marigliano, Simulation Specialist (Linkedin)
Andrey is very driven and talented… Even outside of class he is always working on side projects and asks for feedback in order to make his work the best it can possibly be. When someone asks him for help, he is always eager to do so. He was an invaluable part of his class, and now that he has graduated I have no doubt that he will make it far in the industry.
Elissa Cordero, Digital Artist (Linkedin)
Andrey is a very talented artist and the work he did while a student at The DAVE School was always of the highest quality. Even though Andrey’s work was regularly superior, he was always humble and open to any critiques. I know that he will succeed in whatever he endeavors to accomplish. Besides from being very artistic and professional, Andrey is also a genuinely friendly person and would fit well into any environment. I whole-heartedly recommend Andrey Kasatsky.
Michael Keith, Director of Career Services at The DAVE School (Linkedin)


Summary Of Qualifications & Sowtware Skills




  • Creating personal and business websites

Wordpress CMS 95
Photoshop 100
Illustrator 80




  • Creating visually compelling content for print and web

Photoshop 100
InDesign 98
Illustrator 80




  • Creating 3d models for 3d printing
  • Creating 3d models for Animation
  • Creating 3d models for Cinema
  • Creating 3d models for Gaming
  • Creating 3d models for Television

Autodesk Maya 90
The Foundry Modo 90
Newtek Lightwave 3D 98
Pixologic Zbrush 80




  • Creating realistic and stylized animation
  • Rigging & Skining 3d models for use for animation
  • Using 3d models or motion capture
  • Cleaning and transferring mocap data to a 3D model

Autodesk Maya 90
Autodesk Motion Builder 80
Newtek Lightwave 3D 98




  • Photo realistic texturing

Photoshop 100
Pixologic Zbrush 80



  • CG Integration with live-action plates
  • Rotoscoping
  • Live footage tracking
  • Green screen keying
  • 3d tracking
  • Digital matte painting
  • Converting footage to stereo

The Foundry Nuke 98
Adobe After Effects 80
Imagineer Systems Mocha Pro 80
The Pixel Farm PFTrack 85
Photoshop 100



  • Creating videos for educational or promotional use
  • Encoding videos for web, mobile devices, DVD or Blue-Ray use

Adobe Premiere 95
Adobe After Effects 80
Photoshop 100



  • Creating various office documents: letters, resumes, etc
  • Creating various calculators
  • Converting multiple types of media to Adobe PDF

Adobe Acrobat 95
Microsoft Word 98
Microsoft Excel 95
Open Office Writer 98
Open Office Calculator 95



vfx resume